Wire Mesh

KAPHS together with Haver & Boecker (H&B) from Germany are providing Architectural Woven Meshes (also known as Wire Mesh or Wire Cloth) mainly woven from Stainless Steel Wires for the architectural & construction industry. Carl Haver founded the WIRE WEAVING COMPANY in 1887, H&B is one of the leading & renowned wire weavers in the World.


H&B is weavers of Metal Wire Mesh for various applications & industries. While Stainless Steel Wire Meshes are used widely in Architecture around the Globe. Other materials offered are Copper, Bronze and any RAL Colors. The mesh panels can be customized with digital printing, sand blasting or color coated to showcase images, graphics or logos allowing corporate branding.

H&B offers Architects and Designers a broad range of wire cloth for Interior & Exterior design / applications. There are hundreds of mesh types to be chosen according to the requirement of the architect and project.

High quality stainless steel offering good corrosion resistance is the preferred material for buildings designed with architectural metal mesh.


Haver & Boecker woven wire cloth transforms the appearance of exterior façade giving immense individual character to a building. The gleaming façade reflecting light in many variations combined with high functional values. H&B woven mesh acts as a sun screen, fall protection, security at the same time allowing natural light to pass through. H&B woven mesh is maintenance free or low maintenance is required since the rains clean the dust settled on the mesh.

Woven meshes are being used in combination with Glass integrating it by either Suspending it or Laminating it between two Glass Panes for application on facades or interior applications.


Haver & Boecker woven wire cloth offers an array of exciting design-oriented solutions for creative ceiling projects with individual aesthetic features and reliable functionality. H&B woven mesh integrated with sound absorption material offers acoustic insulation or by installing it below the MEP systems & services for easy access for maintenance but also concealing the systems & services above.


Versatility and stability, robustness and exclusive optical properties make Haver & Boecker Woven Wire Cloth the ideal material when designing spaces, surfaces and other functional elements for both interior and exterior applications. H&B woven mesh is ideal for wall cladding, room partitions or dividers, metal curtains, water features, landscaping features etc.,. the design applications are endless with infinite possibilities.

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