U Profiled Glass & Cast Glass

KAPHS together with LAMBERTS from Germany are providing U-Profile Glass (also known as U Channel Glass) for the architectural & construction industry. LAMBERTS is a manufacturer of Rolled Glass, founded in 1887 by Glass Engineer Laurenz Lamberts. Since then the company has been a family-owned business and is the only medium-sized company in Europe to manufacture cast glass without being bound by any group.

Family Owned Business. LAMBERTS is the only Cast Glass manufacturer in the World to produce every existing type of cast glass such as –

Multiwall Sheets:
  • U-Profile glass
  • Patterned glass (and also special patterned glass for facades),
  • Solar glass (optimized cast glass for the efficient use of solar energy, available since 1993!)
  • Wired patterned glass

LAMBERTS is the first and only glass manufacturer in the World to manufacture all glass types using Oxygen-Fired melting furnace. Currently being the most ecological sustainable method available.

LAMBERTS LINIT U-Profile Glass was one of the Top 10 Green Building Products 2008 – “Sustainable Industries” journal, the only glass product among the winner.

The first glass manufacturer in the world to offer LAMBERTS LINIT U-PROFILED Glass as standard, in lengths of up to 7m, as tempered safety glass in standard width of 232mm , 262mm, 331mm & 498 mm

LINIT U-Profile Glass Type are defined by its 6 distinct Surface patterns or structures
  • Clarissimo
  • Solar
  • 504 Perl
  • Ice
  • Cord
  • Prismasolar
LINIT tough
  • Thermally tempered channel glass offered as standard for all LAMBERTS LINIT types without wire inlays up to a maximum production length of 7m.
LINIT low iron
  • Premium Glass in the whole U-Profiles glass
  • Optimized low iron resource composition
  • Ferric Oxide, a basic glass ingredient that produces the typical greenish tint, is removed.
  • The lighter (less green) colour of the resulting glass prevents colouring the lighting
  • High Light Transmission Factor of approx. 90% (non low iron 88%)
  • Radiation transmission factor of approx. 88%
  • Less green than a standard production
  • Low iron glass is significantly lighter than standard glass, hence favored by architects
  • Can be offered in refined surfaces (LINIT matt and LINIT color)
LINIT Coatings
  • Coating offered are W1.7 (low-e), azur and solex
  • LINIT U-Profile Glass is also offered as LINIT Matt & LINIT Color
LINIT Matt – Sandblasted glass inside
  • LINIT Matt can be offered in all 6 Surface patterns without coatings up to a length of 7m
  • LINIT Matt can be offered in LINIT low iron
  • Also available in toughened version
LINIT Color – Colour Enameled
  • Burning Ceramic colours into the glass inside as per RAL colour shades
  • The Colour is burnt into the glass at a high temperature
  • LINIT Color can be offered in all 6 Surface patterns without coatings or wire inlays up to a length of 7m
  • Can be offered in LINIT low iron

Product Literature for download & reference