Transparent Media Facade

IMAGIC WEAVE MEDIA FACADE from Haver & Boecker Large scale imaging and architectural video using state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions.

Architectural facades are becoming the focus of new media communication. Large scale imaging and architectural video designed using LED media solutions accentuate the appearance and functionality of contemporary architectural sites in any urban landscape, day and night.

IMAGIC WEAVE, a combination of H&B Architectural Wire Cloth and state-of-the-art LED technology of Traxon Technologies (an Osram company), enables to create individually programmable lighting effects in up to 16 million colours including full video content on a new or existing façade.

IMAGIC WEAVE is a transparent media facade solution which maintains the character of the building when the LED’s are not in use. The LED’s are integrated into a Stainless Steel Profile which is fixed on the reverse side of the mesh thereby presenting a homogeneous appearance from the viewers point. The LED profiles are fixed using an easy clip mounting system. The LED housing profiles & clips are made of SS 316 and UV & weather resistant double layer silicone is used to as mould to hold the LEDs inside the housing profile. The mesh itself is installed using H&B’s ready to install standard mounting system. IMAGIC WEAVE is easy to maintain and retrofit.

The LEDs are single dot controllable by DMX or e:pix (DVI). TX Connect turns complex lighting and control scenarios into a simple-to-use Plug’n’Play daisy-chain system which then is connected back to the TRAXON TX Connect power system inorder to maximise the use of power supplies and to limit the number of cables.

The DVI Media Server VCS1 is the new high end video control server for Video replay on large DMX matrix systems via pixel mapping or pure video output.

IMAGIC WEAVE allows businesses to create Brand awareness through advertisements either by showcasing Video, Graphics, Images, Text contents on the transparent screen. It is also possible to bring out just colors or a combination together with full content.

IMAGIC WEAVE is suitable for both outdoor and indoor installations. We work together with our customers to analyze the project requirement and advise suitable complete solution.

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