Solar Energy

KAPHS actively promotes solar energy together with its technology partners from the Solar Energy Industry.KAPHS offers solutions to Clients interested to venture into the solar industry as a manufacturer of Solar Panels by developing a complete business plan to set up a manufacturing facility.

Given that our planet is getting hotter day by day along with the electricity costs that are touching the sky, the creation of solar energy solutions has become need of the hour.

The range of green building solutions offered by KAPHS constitutes solar control glass and low-E glass. These products are designed in such a manner by harnessing the solar power that they provide an unparalleled solar control performance and possess finest thermal insulation features. These hold the ability to lower the ultraviolet and infrared radiation, while simultaneously letting visible light to be disseminated through the glass. Due to this, they have a unique appearance and are suitable for a host of industrial applications such as glazing, fenestration, curtain walling among others.

This product package also includes high-efficiency solar panels so that the industrialists are equipped to make use of the green resource produced from the sun. Solar photo voltaic (PV) systems having extreme structural strength and optimized frame clearance can be used to run the huge industrial equipment with clean, eco-friendly and decentralized power, thereby, saving on the considerable electricity costs.