Architectural Glass

KAPHS along with ARCON Germany are providing glass for architectural and construction industry.
Arcon has more than 30 years a wide variety of highly effective magnetron layers on all possible base glasses: From float glass on laminated glass to colored glasses and various toughened.
Its product portfolio comprises high-end products in the field of coated architectural glass such as high-performance thermal barrier coatings, solar control coatings and other specialty glasses.
By concentrating production at two locations in Germany (Feuchtwangen and Jena) is Arcon able to deliver high-quality glasses in a short time.

Main advantages of Arcon glass

  • Selection
  • Largest selection of sun protection and thermal insulation layers
  • Flexibility
  • Flexible production for customer requests, special solutions possible
  • Possible combinations
  • Possibility of combining different products
  • Long-term replenishment
  • Subsequent delivery for older buildings possible
  • Arcontopview
  • With topviewarcon provides the only currently available on the market of glass, visible anisotropy largely prevented

Arcon Products:

Thermal insulation glass (Low e glass)

Arcon heat insulation coatings with a U value ofbetween 0.6 and 1.1 W/m²K represent an important component in reducing buildings‘energy consumption and at the same time harnessing the infra-red radiation of the sun to heat the interior using solar energy

Solar control glass

The latest coating technology with solar factorsof 50% to 18% ensure that less total energyis allowed through, while light transmissionremains high at up to 73%. Sunbelt solar controlcoatings can be applied to nearly all types ofglass used for architectural purposes

Safety glass

The production methods used for Arcon-dursafety glass ensures that, compared withnormal float glass, it is more resistant toimpact, breakage, thermal-shock and temperature and less dangerous when it breaks

Screen printing

Arcon-dur offers tempered safety glass thatis multicolor screen-printed with ceramic paints. Arcon-dur tempered safety glass ESG and heat-strengthened glass fulfils the relevant international standards, and is weatherproof, abrasion- and scratchproof, acid- and leach-resistant, UV-stable and temperature-resistant 072432800